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We strive to deliver customized products built on best in class off-the-shelf components that bring cost efficiencies while enabling a customized look and feel that you expect.

We source the world for the most appropriate parts to assemble, test and qualify to recognized standards and certification frameworks. Our flexibility in sourcing means we can supply components that meet either European or US guidelines.

We adhere to a number of standard international certifications such as MIL-STD-810F (environmental), MIL-STD-461E (EMC) and MIL-STD-3009 (optical performance).

We are Controlled Goods Program (Canada) compliant and registered.

We follow the ISO9001 framework to ensure well managed product design and development. All products are engineered to a modular design frame and can be customized to meet various interface requirements. We can enable customized or configured flexibility to clients operating in unique mission critical situations. We supply LRUs that enable your operations to carry on.

Our products are tested and qualified objectively to specified operational performance criteria. Lumen products are all about delivering best available product at optimal cost and life expectancy.

Our design process is committed to meeting customer goals based on specifications, efficiencies, effectiveness, resiliency and life cycle. Our goals focus on such design and development of electronic, optical, mechanical and software components that maximize user reliability and unit value. We strive to optimize product life while minimizing some early obsolescence that may have impacted your operations in the past.

We can use our product design and development skills to consult on your in-house program if you prefer.

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