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About Our Company Who we are and what we do
About Lumen Systems Ltd

At our core we are a design and product management team. We either act as your supplier or your consultant when you design or procure, test or qualify. We engage affiliate partner organizations to ensure delivery of integrated performance and value that meet or exceed client specifications. We design, engineer, assemble, test, and integrate in house. We contract sub-assemblies under strict control.

We focus our expertise on displays, hold-up technologies and related cables/harnesses that are:

  • Engineered for aerospace, military, medical and public safety applications that require rugged,
  • effective and efficient mission critical performance
  • for challenging environments where measurable or certifiable performance is specified.

Our Team

Our engineers enjoy well established relationships with all the Tier 1 and Tier 2 companies in the aerospace industry. We draw from many years of collective education, skill, experience and insight around the world.

We combine extensive military service, engineering design and product development knowledge to ensure our clients get what they need:

  • The best components
  • Optimal price to performance ratios
  • Sourced from best of class suppliers
  • Meet European or USA guidelines.

Our Worldwide Partners

Our worldwide partners bring that special around-the-world insight that enables each Lumen Systems customer to meet its specific goals for its specification.

We are pleased to work with:

  • Tellumat of South Africa
  • Miltrade of Singapore
  • Swatek of New Zealand
  • LRU Innovations of Malaysia

Industrial Benefits and Offsets

By sourcing component parts from the best available around the world, Lumen Systems is well positioned to coordinate assemblies, testing and /or qualifying components for in-country beneficial offsets where possible.

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